Reset the watch and app - ANDROID

Before you start

If you are resetting the watch due to connectivity issues, make sure you follow these steps  to reconnect your watch before you do a full reset.

1. Forget watch in the Kronaby app

In the Kronaby app, tap SETTINGS > FORGET WATCH.

This will reset the app.

2. Unpair the watch from your phone

In your phone, go to Settings > Bluetooth. 

Unpair ("Forget") the Kronaby watch paired to your phone.

3. Reset the watch

Press and hold the top and bottom pusher for 5 seconds to reset the watch.

4. Sign in and connect your watch

Open the Kronaby app and follow the app instructions to connect your watch.

We are here to help

If you still experience problems with your watch after completing all the steps above, please contact

The Kronaby watch is a connected watch. For its features to work as they should, make sure that:

- The Kronaby app is running

- Bluetooth stays enabled on your phone

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