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Kronaby anounces the new

release of the

Walk me home application.

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Walk me home has a new fresh look! You can now feel even safer walking home.

What's new with Walk me home:

A fresh, new design.Now it’s even easier to start sharing your location with friends or family.

walk me home 2

Walk me home offers a feeling of safety. It’s like having a companion walk you home, but from a distance. If you own a Kronaby watch, you can invite one of your friends to follow you home with the help of the Walk me home application.
What is needed:

  • The person walking home needs to wear a Kronaby watch connected to the app.
  • The companion needs to have the Walk me home app installed.
Before setting out on their journey home, both users have to connect to each other, which they can do through an invitation code that is generated in the hybrid watch app. The six-digit code should then be entered into the Walk me home application enabling the immediate connection.
As soon as the watch user has pressed the pusher, the digital companion receives a notification that the person has started walking home. The companion can now follow the watch user journey home by checking their current location on the map in the Walk me home application. That said, it isn’t necessary for the companion to follow the progress constantly on the map as current location notifications will be sent, should the application be minimized.
If something were to happen during the trip home, the watch user simply presses the pusher for 3 seconds and an emergency signal will be sent to the companion, who can act accordingly. As is more likely the case, when the watch user gets home, they can notify their companion of their arrival through the hybrid watch application. And everyone can get on with other things…